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Along the fast growth of todays fashion industry quality and price lost its cause. Our purpose was to bring those two components back together and the result is a product of edd.  

The biggest reason we wanted to start a brand selling relatively affordable products was because we saw a demand for bracelets in the lower price range. Our idea was that you should be able to match several bracelets together without having to spend hundreds of Euros. 

We also wanted to give the consumer the opportunity to find a personal and unique style. We solved this with nine different bracelets that goes good together. It was obvious to us that the bracelets should match well with existing accessories, such as a watch. 

When we designed the bracelets we where determined that all parts should be manufactured in proper quality and good material. Therefore, all bracelets are made of natural minerals and stainless steel silver details.

Genuine craftsmanship, founded in the southern parts of Sweden

Peaky Blinders

En höstdag 2019 i samarbete med Pelote

Sushi Rebellion

Fotografering i samband med företagsmiddag i samarbete med Sushi Rebellion